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   Josephine Baker 


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BBS - Baker By Shawn was created by Shawn G. Hart. After seeing countless products with images of Marilyn Monroe and Betty Boop, Ms. Hart began to create original illustrations with the likeness of Josephine Baker. Understanding that Ms. Baker's contributions to society are noteworthy, Hart who is a fashion illustrator and graphic designer began to apply her images of Ms. Baker to products. Those products include colorful t-shirts, a vintage styled umbrella, greeting cards, mugs, magnets, and more.​
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Who is Josephine Baker?

More than a woman in a

banana skirt, she was a

Dancer, Singer, Actress,

Fashion Icon, Activist

and Universal Mother.

Check out our

About The IconPage

to discover facts about this

ultimate Diva.

   Modern Day Jo

Josephine Baker is a style icon. We create products & images inspired by LaBaker that are colorful and creative!  

Please check out our gallery and our Baker Store! 


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