After public outcry and a petition that BBS also signed, it was announced that Josephine

Baker's remains will be reinterred at the Panthéon in Paris. The Panthéon was originally

designed as a temple for great men. The interior is decorated with paintings and mosaics

that depict scenes from French history. It is the burial space for kings, a queen, famous

authors, and other esteemed individuals including Voltaire,Victor Hugo and Marie Curie. It

was recently announced that Josephine will be the first Black woman to have her final

resting space in this historic building.*

Originally, Baker was buried in Monaco in 1975, dressed in her French military uniform

with the medals she received for her role as part of the French Resistance during the war.

(Clearly what one wears is in itself a fashion statement and in this case also a political one.

It's always about the power of fashion for BBS!) Medals and a military funeral... she was/is

clearly a force to be reckoned with! This recognition in Paris is perhaps the highest honor

for Ms. Baker, and is well deserved.

Josephine was the first African American to star in a major motion picture, to integrate an

American concert hall, and to become a world-famous entertainer. She is also noted for her

contributions to the Civil Rights Movement in the United States. She was the only woman to

deliver a speech at the March on Washington. In 2008, she was honored with a U.S.

postage stamp as part of the Black Cinema Series. Today, we also like to celebrate her

fashion panache and style. She is a true Icon.

* Baker's family has decided against moving her body. Instead she will be honored with a

plaque inside the Panthéon.

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Do you have an eye for fashion? Do you love art? Actually we think fashion IS art. Expressing oneself through fashion is what our BBS Brand is about. Creating art,wearable fashion and accessories is the hallmark of our company.

We celebrate Black Girl Magic with the way we wear our hair, with our swag and through the clothes we wear. As little girls, some may remember wearing tutu's and colorful tennis shoes. Hey! Grown up girls wear them too! We want to dress up and stand out by being unique. If this is what you seek, then we want to show you a peek of our mini fashion line, with one of a kind Josephine Baker inspired designs.

.Josephine Baker, born on June 3, 1906 is remembered for many things. She was a dancer, singer, actress, mother and political activist. What we love most is that she was a fashion icon. So it was only fitting that we would create these designs to celebrate her iconic style.

Pictured above is our one of a kind fashion line with prices available upon request...

More affordable items coming to our website soon. Please stay tuned!

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As an artist, BBS understands the power of visual imagery. While we

were busy creating new works of art (yet to be completed), an opportunity to

share some of our earlier works was presented. When we learned that

The Tenleytown Main Street Art All Night 2020 promotions committee had

selected us to show our work in a window display we were excited!

Ideas for an elaborate display with a runway featuring mannequins wearing

our Baker Brand Shirts and Bakerbrellas was imagined. Atop a beautiful

table, dripping in pearls and lace gloves we planned to place our

"Eyeconic" print in a stunning silver frame. We wanted to give you a taste of

everything our BBS website has to offer in our store and more.

But 4445 Wisconsin Avenue NW Washington DC is the home of Chase Bank

and not our private studio! We are ever so grateful to have a window seat at their

beautiful establishment. So if you can, stop by and enjoy the view. You can also see everything we have offer in our store by visiting

And if you are already here, welcome!

Prices for unframed pieces are also available upon request. Serious inquiries only!

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