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Can I Get A Window Seat?

As an artist, BBS understands the power of visual imagery. While we

were busy creating new works of art (yet to be completed), an opportunity to

share some of our earlier works was presented. When we learned that

The Tenleytown Main Street Art All Night 2020 promotions committee had

selected us to show our work in a window display we were excited!

Ideas for an elaborate display with a runway featuring mannequins wearing

our Baker Brand Shirts and Bakerbrellas was imagined. Atop a beautiful

table, dripping in pearls and lace gloves we planned to place our

"Eyeconic" print in a stunning silver frame. We wanted to give you a taste of

everything our BBS website has to offer in our store and more.

But 4445 Wisconsin Avenue NW Washington DC is the home of Chase Bank

and not our private studio! We are ever so grateful to have a window seat at their

beautiful establishment. So if you can, stop by and enjoy the view. You can also see everything we have offer in our store by visiting

And if you are already here, welcome!

Prices for unframed pieces are also available upon request. Serious inquiries only!

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